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It’s proven that a combination of plyometrics and high-intensity, on-bike intervals build on bike power quickly and effectively. Plus, it’s fun! ALP Cycles has 2 Power phases that include plyos and on bike sprints.

We couldn’t have said it better than Chris Carmichael- “Plyometrics are jumping exercises targeted at making your muscles exert maximum force faster. This is more important for cyclists than pure strength, because with strength you can push a big gear, but with power you can push the same gear faster, which means you go faster. Plyometrics also help large muscle groups work with greater synchronicity, and enhance balance and coordination–important benefits you don’t get from traditional, muscle-isolating weight-lifting. “


Video’s from our Nov 9th ALP Ride

AP wins Velo’s Female Rider of the Year!

AP Velo

T-Shirts! Alison and Shawn showing off our much anticipated arrival.


US National Criterium Champion Alison Powers

Announces Coaching Partnership with Shawn Heidgen

Pinecliffe, COToday 2013 US National Criterium Champion Alison Powers (NOW and Novartis for MS) announces a new partnership for her coaching company, ALP Cycles Coaching. ALP Cycles Coaching will add former professional cyclist and USA Cycling certified coach Shawn Heidgen as a partner. Heidgen brings over 20 years’ experience in the cycling industry to ALP Cycles Coaching. Heidgen is the current coach of 2013 Swiss Time Trial Champion, Patricia Schwager (Faren Let’s Go Finland) and provides data analysis for the Tour de France, USA Pro Challenge and other races.

“This is a big step for ALP Cycles Coaching and I’m really excited,” said Powers, who as the founder and President had previously been coaching solo. “With the addition of Shawn’s experience and understanding of the sport of cycling from the perspective of a very beginner rider to a world class racer, ALP Cycles Coaching will now be able to offer advanced power analysis and scientific coaching based on real world experience and results.”

Complementary Real World Experience

Many cyclists have already benefited from Powers’ exceptional knowledge, experience, and coaching expertise based on her own professional racing experience.  Powers is a USA Cycling Level 2 certified coach and has been coaching and teaching cyclists for 5 years. Powers will also continue to compete professionally and has signed with UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team for the 2014 season. Powers is the current U.S. Criterium National Champion, has two other national championships (Time Trial, Team Pursuit), and 2 NRC titles (2009, 2013). In addition to coaching, Alison specializes in teaching skills and leading skills clinics for road riders and teams and CX racers/riders.

The addition of Heidgen will allow ALP Cycles Coaching to offer even more advanced coaching services to clients and to expand the business with special attention to power analysis. Heidgen brings 20 years experience in the cycling industry to ALP Cycles Coaching including: coaching cyclists of all abilities and running training camps in several countries, owning an indoor cycling specific training center, and over 10 years experience in training with power. In 1998 she sustained a severe hip fracture that required her to be admitted to the Mayo Clinic Chronic Pain inpatient program. Despite the odds, she eventually returned to racing and finished 2 Giros D’Italia Femminile. It was Chronic Pain that prevented her from being able to put in the hours of training that most of her competitors were doing but this led her to training with power and data analysis to create unique and successful workouts and training plans that enabled her to compete at the highest level despite limited training time. In addition to being an ALP Cycles coach, Shawn works as an Education Specialist at TrainingPeaks and provides in depth data analysis for the Tour de France, USAPC, the Spring Classics and other races.  “I am thrilled to partner with Alison and ALP Cycles Coaching. We bring different tools to the coaching business and partnering will allow ALP Cycles Coaching to benefit from our unique and complementary strengths, which will take our coaching to the next level,” said Heidgen.

Continued Growth

This addition is part of ALP Cycles Coaching’s commitment to offer athletes top-level coaching based upon real experience and real results from a 3-time National Champion and former Chronic Pain Patient at the Mayo Clinic to two time finisher of the Giro d’Italia.  Heidgen says, “Alison and I have proven that we know how to reach goals and get results. Now we would like to help other cyclists get results and reach their goals too!”

About ALP Cycles Coaching

Founded in 2009, ALP Cycles Coaching offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of athletes of all abilities from beginner to professional. ALP Cycles Coaching is currently accepting a limited number of athletes for the 2014 season. You can learn more about ALP Cycles Coaching, Alison, and Shawn at or email

The kits have arrived and they are awesome!

Redlands Sunset Stage Win

What’s it take to win a stage of the Redlands Classic? Below is Coach AP’s race winning file from the Sunset stage of Redlands.

With a TSS of more than 300 for just over 3 hrs, it was a hard race. Nutrition, hydration, and saving as much energy as possible was of utmost importance.

Training with Stress

Training and stress do not go hand in hand. Eventually, something’s gotta give–and it’s usually your health; you get sick.  During times of extreme stress, either personal or professional stress, it’s best to taper back the training/exercising.

“But exercising makes me feel better”. Yes, that is true, and it’s ok to exercise moderately or for a short duration. Stress itself can cause aches and pains, rapid heartbeat, sleeping too much or too little,  and frequent colds. These symptoms are almost identical to what hard training does to the body. Add in the emotional toll that stress causes and it is too much for your body to handle. Either your training has got to give (lessen the amount and/or intensity), or your health will give and you will get sick.

Life can be stressful. During the most stressful times, focus on getting through the difficult time and staying healthy by eating healthy (just because you are stressed out, doesn’t give you the green light to eat cookies and ice cream), sleeping as much as possible, and training only if the training doesn’t cause extra stress.

Under- Overs- a winter time trainer workout

Below is a picture of Coach AP’s Under-Over workout. The goal of the workout is an aerobic base fitness workout with the idea of quality over quantity.

The workout was a total of 36 min at Zones 3/4 (Tempo/Sweet Spot) with 1 min at LT (Zone 4) every three minutes. Knowing I have ADD with the trainer, I chose to break it up into two intervals-one of 25 min, and the other 13 min (yes, that is more than 36 minutes, and I like to do extra credit). The total workout was 1:25 min of very quality pedaling.

How to get the most out of your coaching

Be involved. The more involved with your coach, your training, and your racing you are, the more success you will have.  I encourage you to ask questions, send e-mails, pick up the phone, and demand success.

In the end, you are your own best coach. You get out of coaching, what you put into it.

Have a Plan

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail”. This saying has more importance than you realize.

In order to be successful at anything in life, especially sports, you must plan for it. Amongst other things, you must plan out your race schedule, your training schedule, and your training times. Then you must plan on the best way to make everything happen. “Winging it” only works for so long. The best athletes are the ones who have planned their success.

What’s the first step in this planning process? Goal setting. You must set realistic yet challenging goals to keep you motivated and on track.

An example of a goal would be -

Eat healthy

That’s a great goal, but how do you eat healthy? What are the steps to eating healthy and how do you know if you are doing it?

You must break your goals down into more goals and tasks. If your goal can be broken down, you are not finished making it.

In order to eat healthy, you must know what eating healthy means. A better goal would be-

I plan on buying more fruits and veggies to have on hand at home for snacking. I will stay away from highly processed (packaged, sugar filled) foods and buy more “natural” foods that have not been as processed. When I will always remember to eat a healthy snack (ie banana and milk) after my ride. Etc, etc.

The same goes for training.  Do you know what you’re training for and why you’re doing what you’re doing this time of year?  Know exactly what you’re training for (your goal), then break it down into smaller pieces and train for each piece.

Goals have to be broken down, and down, until all you have to do is follow the steps.

Plan to succeed.

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