Leadville Training Camp

This was our first year doing a Leadville 100 Training Camp.  This camp was open to all ALP athletes who are racing the LT100, and to any of those who just wanted to ride mtn bikes with us on course. We had 4 ALP athletes for the 2 day camp, ride support from Herbalife, and a great two days of training and riding. 11hrs of riding, 114 miles (most of it on the LT100 course), and a higher level of confidence for the race that is in just over a month.

ALP Cycles:Herbailife Day 2









Other things we learned and dialed in-

Pacing strategies– both by HR and watts

Where to eat and drink as well as what to eat and drink

Lines to ride on the climbs and descents- where is smooth, where is rocky, what is fast

How to “ride like a roadie” on the pavement and dirt road sections

Gearing for our 1×11 bikes

Pre race routine– when to wake up, what to eat, where to park, etc.

We are dialed, ready, and excited for this years Leadville 100.

Asier water


IMG_2903 IMG_2908 IMG_2909 IMG_2913IMG_2919

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