Tips and Rules for Training Camps

This week’s blog is by our Swiss Miss and ALP Coach Patricia and is perfect timing as we are headed to Tucson this weekend for our ALP Cycles   January Tucson Training Camp.

It’s January- the New Year just started and a lot of cyclists are keen to head for training camp. It is a very motivating thought to go somewhere and ride your bike in warm and nice conditions.

There are a few rules you should take in to account, in order to get stronger, and also profit from a training camp.

-Training camp is about training and not racing other people. It is the wrong place to crush the other riders in your group and show how strong you are; unless your camp includes a TT or who’s fastest up a certain climb.

-Respect the group riding etiquette and rules of the road. Be aware that you are not alone- you are riding with a group of people.

group riding

-Stick to the training you got from your coach and/or to the training schedule for that camp.

-Do your workouts accordingly to the plan. This means complete your workouts like the instructions say and don’t ride much harder or easier.

-Ride in your training zones, let others go faster or harder if they have to. If riding in a group, take shorter pulls if it is too hard for you. The same thing applies the other way round: if you want to work more or harder then take longer and more pulls in your training group.

-Rest is very important during camp! Usually you train more hours than at home. This means you also have to take care about getting enough recovery. Take a nap after training and relax- this helps a lot and can help with another successful training day the next day.

-Nutrition: make sure you replace the calories you burn during camp. Try to eat healthy – yes you can have some dessert but it doesn’t mean you should eat whatever just because you train a lot of hours during camp. Make sure you also replace the fluid you lost during training.

group 3

-Bike: don’t show up to camp with a dirty or bad working bike. Make sure to bring some spare tubes/ tires and tools; just in case.

-Don’t forget about stretching, foam rolling, and core work- camp is a good opportunity to get these things done as a group workout, this way it is also more motivating to do it.

-Listen to your body! If you feel tired after 3 hours it might be smarter to go back and not ride another 2 hours- even if some other riders of your group decide to go for it.

-Skills: training camp is a good time to work also on skills. Cornering, drafting, climbing, time trialing, riding pace lines, group riding etiquette…. the list goes on!

-You would like to go for a camp but haven’t decided yet for one?

Our ALP Cycles Coaching spring camp will be a great training camp. We still have some spots available for our Training Camp in Solvang (CA) March 16-22. Check out the details here: Pic

Happy riding in your training camp!

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