Tucson Training Camp- Mt Lemmon

Day 4 Thursday- Mt. Lemmon


On Thursday we had an early wake up, coffee, and breakfast. We then packed the bikes into the cars and drove to the other side of Tucson- toward Mt. Lemmon. From there we started out together to the base of the famous and very long Mt Lemmon climb. Some athletes completed a 20min threshold test on their climb to the top and, for some other athletes it was just a big accomplishment to reach the Cookie Cabin after climbing up the 25mi mountain.


A few campers enjoyed a big cookie before riding down again. Even though it was cold and windy up there- it was fun to descend for more than an hour back down to Tucson.


A big thank you to Brian Forbes and his wife Sabrina for the support as route guide/ follow car, and him Property management company Stone House Group for the lodging in our luxury condos. In the evening, the coaches cooked a nice dinner for the tired campers.

Tomorrow is a much deserved recovery day.

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