Tucson Training Camp- Spirited Riding and Going Home


Saturday was the last real camp day. The group headed out together for 32 miles on flat and quiet roads. After the turn around point, things got more serious – the way home was a spirited race type ride. Alison instructed the group with tactics- so that 3 different teams were racing each other for the win. We “raced” for two times 5miles and a final shorter 2miles.


After we were back at the condo’s, some riders went for an extra hour of training. In the evening the coaches cooked a nice dinner for the campers. Shawn talked about power data and showed how to use/ analyze on TrainingPeaks.

Sunday was the day to wrap up camp. Shawn and Alison made sure that everyone got to the airport for the flight home and that bikes got shipped out. Paddy guided an easy 2 hour ride for the campers who had a later departure time.last ride

It was a great camp in Tucson! Shawn prepared great routes for our training rides. We are happy that all campers can go home with some new riding, racing, and/or skills knowledge!

See you all at the next ALP Cycles camp!

Alison, Shawn, Paddy

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