An ALP Weekend In Maryland


Last weekend, ALP Coaches Patricia Schwager and Alison Powers flew from Colorado to Maryland. The trip had many purposes. 1- visit ALP athlete Stu Waring and his Bicycle Store Parvilla Cycle and Multisport, 2- Learn some basic bike fit know-how and knowledge that we can use with our ALP athletes, 3- spend time with the Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (ABRT).

Friday morning started with a Computrainer workout with Stu, Paddy and me.


After stretching, recovery drinks, and showers it was time for Stu to teach Paddy and I about bike fitting. Stu was a great teacher and taught us far more than I could have ever expected. Learning about how to give a quality bike fit and all the small details that a bike fit takes into account (flexibility, history of injury, body alignment, feet and foot beds, etc.) reiterated to me how important it is for everyone to have a proper bike fit. A bike fit is so much more than seat height, set-back and reach. A good bike fit, fits the bike to your body- not your body to the bike.

ALP athlete, turned teacher of the day, Stu showing Paddy the changes he can do to her bike fit to make her more powerful and comfortable on the bike.



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Then, it was my turn for footbeds.


Friday night, we were treated to a very nice sushi dinner.


Saturday morning, we woke up to freezing rain. So, instead of going on a long ride with ABRT, we treated the team to multiple Computrainer classes at Parvilla.

The workout we designed for the team was a race winning interval workout complete with a race day warm-up and cool down. Our goal was to teach the riders what a good warm-up feels like, then do some hard interval work to simulate attacking, being in a breakaway and sprinting for the finish.




Saturday evening, we dressed up and went to the ABRT season kick-off party. It was fun!


Sunday brought more rain and snow, so we were again on the Computrainers with the ABRT Women’s Team.


That afternoon, we had lunch and a Q & A session with the women. Not only did Paddy and I get to hang out with the ABRT women, they got to hang out with us- A current professional bike racer, and the current national road and TT champion. When I started bike racing, other than Lance Armstrong, I didn’t know one single bike racer. I had no idea about women’s racing and had no mentors. I wish I could have had the same opportunity these women did.

Paddy and I had a really great time in Maryland. We learned, we laughed, we ate donuts, we trained, and we gave back to the sport we love so much.

To learn more about our coaching and coaches- check out

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