March ALP Athlete Ride

By ALP Coach Alison Powers

In my mind, the most important thing a coach can do for her/his athletes, is to ride with them. So much knowledge and information can be gained from seeing an athlete on their bike. A power meter won’t tell you how their bike fit is or how smooth of a pedal stroke they have. A ride file won’t show you their cornering skills (or lack there of). An email can’t do justice in describing a course and explaining how to race it. Intervals done alone will never be as intense or as fun as riding with 10 strong, competitive riders.

FullSizeRender (3)Here at ALP Cycles Coaching, we make it a priority to ride with our Colorado athletes. Not enough coaches take the time to spend 3 hours pre riding a race course and teaching skills to their athletes.

This past Sunday, was our March ALP Ride. We have a monthly ride for our Silver Level Athletes (Gold Level athletes get two rides a month). We pre rode the Boulder Roubaix course. An 18mile loop with dirt roads, rollers, wind, and pavement. The first lap, we discussed how to look at the course in sections- where to sit in and conserve, where the wind will be coming from, where to be in good position, how and where to attack, when and what to eat/drink, etc. The second lap, we raced each other. It was a very quality race type effort that showed everyone what their legs will be feeling like the last 25min of the race and, despite this, how to stay focused on the finish.


We took video, talked race and finish strategy, and got everyone excited to race on the dirt with their skinny tires.


Interested in a training plan, but not full on coaching? Only have time for 3 bike workouts a week? Or are you a Triathlete looking to improve your cycling? Check out or new TrainingPeaks 13- week training plan.


FullSizeRender (5)

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As an ALP Cycles cycling coach, we try to be true teachers of the sport. We will not only give you a training plan that will get you better, faster, stronger, we will take the time to ride with you- teach you- make you a better and more confident cyclist and racer.


Join our ALP Cycles Coaching Family. 3 Coaches and 2 Coaching levels to choose from. We ride with our athletes, spend quality time with each athlete (in person, on the phone, over email), and really take the care needed to develop each person into the best cyclist they can be.


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