April ALP Ride

By ALP Coach Alison Powers

Last month, I explained how important it is for a coach to ride with her/his athletes and here, at ALP Cycles Coaching, we make it a priority to ride with our Colorado athletes. This past Wednesday was our April ALP Ride. After our coaches meeting (we ALP coaches have several meetings a month), the three of us filmed a on-bike skills video for our athletes. We really believe that developing sound bike handling skills makes for better bike racers and we want our athletes to know what drills to do and how to do them.

Then it was time to ride with our ALP athletes. We pre rode the Koppenburg course. We talked about forming a race strategy, using landmarks to get into good position leading up the the “hill”, how to ride the hill, and we finished by doing Race Winning Intervals up and over the hill.

Despite the wind, and the looming snow, it was a fun and quality evening on the bike.


Join our ALP Cycles Coaching Community. 3 Coaches and 2 Coaching levels to choose from. We ride with our athletes, spend quality time with each athlete (in person, on the phone, over email), and really take the care needed to develop each person into the best cyclist they can be.  http://alpcyclescoaching.com/coaching.php


Every Friday, we do a blog post. Each coach, Patricia, Jennifer, and myself, pick a topic to write about. Our question to you is this– what do you want to know about? Any special Blog Post Friday requests? If so, comment below on your topic of choice.

3 thoughts on “April ALP Ride

  1. Thanks ladies for all the great blogs and insights. I do have a topic that I’m interested in. For those of us who coach ourselves, can you touch on how we can judge if we are on a training plateau or if we need to push ourselves harder? Other than being mentally and physically fatigued is there anything else to look out for? Any tips on what to look for on our PMC in training peaks that may have lead to it?


    1. Good question- -and we would tell you, that this is why you have a coach. 😉
      How are your race or training results? How fresh do you feel– both mentally and physically? Usually a plateau happens because we start to get mentally tired — so change things up- rest, ride a different bike, change your training, etc.

      1. Haha yes a coach would be nice for sure. One day I’ll get one just can’t afford one yet. I’ll keep those tips in mind. Thanks for the reply.

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