Bragging Rights

As coaches, we are very proud of our athletes when they achieve success. So, we are taking this opportunity to brag about our athletes’ most recent success. In no particular order, we have–

TTT Nationals- 2 ALP athletes, 1 1st place, 1 3rd place


Boulder Roubaix- Sandy North 1st place

sandy 1st

Maverick Classic- Nina Donohue- 1st place Hill Climb

Ridgeline Rampage- Jon Maule 19min faster than 2014. Rebecca Hodgetts, 2nd Pro Women. ALP Coach Jennifer 1st place in the 30 min race.


King of 2nd places- Dana Fallon – last three weeks of TT’s- adding watts and taking off time

Marathon Mountain bike national champion- Jenna App with a time of 5hrs 58min.


Tour of the Gila- Kristie Arend 1st place in the 3/4 Criterium, Abby Mickey 2nd place Pro women Stage 1


Adelaide Tillinghast- killing it on the collegiate scene and winning pretty much every race she enters.


Join our ALP Cycles Coaching Family. 3 Coaches and 2 Coaching levels to choose from. We ride with our athletes, spend quality time with each athlete (in person, on the phone, over email), and really take the care needed to develop each person into the best cyclist they can be.


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