Criterium Racing- tips and skills

This past Wednesday evening was our June ALP ride and the  topic was criterium racing. Criterium (crit) racing is a lot more than going around in a circle for 45min and sprinting at the end. Tactics, skills, team work, and fitness all come into play when racing a crit.

ALP CritThe things we talked about and practiced were:
-Tactics- decide on a race plan (tactic) pre ride, and execute it in the race. However, be open and prepared to switch to a Plan B if Plan A doesn’t or won’t work.
-If you are racing on a hilly crit course, there are places where you need suffer and push hard (uphills and toward the finish) and there are places where you can recover (downhills and corners- if you have proficient cornering and descending skills).
-Depending on the course, you may need to switch into your small ring to save your legs and carry speed. We talked about where to shift, what gears to use, big ring/small ring?_____________________________________________________________________________________

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-There will be times in the race or on the course where you need to stand up and get out of the saddle (to accelerate or to climb). There are also times when you need to have your hands in drops (corners, sprints, accelerations), and there are times when it is ok to be in the hoods.

crit pic-When racing a crit, your line through the corners and around the course matters.You want to choose the shortest line, protect your inside through corners, and take the straightest line to the finish.
-A really important race tactic is to read other people and other teams in the race. Watch and listen to what your opponents are doing and anticipate their next move. 

– Lastly, positioning in a crit is very important. The better you are at keeping a position near the front of the race, the more energy you will have at the end of the race for when the going gets tough. Being at the front of the race makes it easier to carry speed through corners, follow attacks/accelerations, and sprint for the win.

We practiced these tips and skills in 3 mini races- each person for themselves- no team work. It was hard, it was fun, and we all learned a lot.

crit2After the ride, we served up Osmo recovery drinks and ate snacks while we talked more about tactics and advice for the upcoming Colorado races.

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