Getting in Touch with Why

By USAC Level 1 ALP Coach Jennifer Sharp 
Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you like to ride your bike, do intervals, work where you work, and live where you live?
Can you really get to the root of why? What if you could get in touch with the why’s? If you could work from the inside out of what and how you do what you do and align yourself with the why?
I’m assuming most of you are reading this post because you have some connection to cycling – you race, you’re thinking about racing, or maybe you just like to pedal your bike. We like to ride our bikes. But why?
I love the wind in my face.
And why do you like the wind in your face? 
Because it symbolizes freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
And why is freedom and the pursuit of happiness important?
Because we have one shot at this life and I want to live it to the fullest.
And why is living life to the fullest important?
So I wake up each day and end each day knowing I am happy, content and inspired.
And why is being happy, content and inspired important? 
Because that’s how I choose to live my life.

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Suddenly riding a bike isn’t just about riding a bike. It’s a way of life, a lifestyle, a choice. When we get in touch with the why’s of what we do, we strike a chord into what motivates us, what gets us out of the bed each morning, what keeps us doing what we want to do. It’s empowering. And now those intervals have more purpose. I am more in touch with my values of why I do what I do and it inspires me to do more.
So I challenge you – figure out your why’s. Whether that be with cycling, racing, life, a job, friendships, relationships, etc – ask the why’s. Then ask the why of that, and the why of that, and the why of that, and finally, the why of that.
Because when we get in touch with the why’s, it makes the how’s and what’s easier.

Interested in learning more? Watch this TED talk that inspired me to get the the why of why.

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