August ALP Ride- Bike Handling Skills

Bike handling skills are an often neglected part of a training plan. Watts, cadence, speed, heart rate, are all important parts of training and racing. But, if you can’t handle your bike and have a big tool box of bike handling skills, you will never see what your are truly capable of while riding your bike. The person with the good fitness and the good skills will have more fun on the bike, have more opportunity to ride and race their bike, and they will have more success in bike racing. This is why, for our August ALP Ride, we focused on bike handling skills and drills.

Our first drills were designed to teach us how to properly look ahead- both while going straight and when turning. From there, we talked about riding the bike athletically and what ‘attack position’ means and looks like (body position). We took our attack position to the pump track to work on being dynamic and aggressive on the bike. You must be athletic and active in the pump track in order to keep creating speed. Arms and legs must move.

From there, since we were on CX bikes and CX season is right around the corner, we dialed in our dismounts and re-mounts.

We ended the evening with a fun game called Duck, Duck, Goose. Yes, the same grade school game you played, except we were on bikes and dialing in our dismounts and re-mounts while laughing.

It was a great time, and as always, makes me (Alison) proud of our athletes and to be a coach for ALP Cycles Coaching.

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