ALP Cycles Coaching Inaugural Climbing Challenge- Results

Our 4-day Climbing Challenge has come to an end. The Challenge was just that- it was challenging and hard. The 4 days of climbing over and over again, on top of our Saturday ALP Ride got people out of their comfort zones. It forced them to do things on their bikes that they would not normally do. It forced mental toughness by pushing through the fatigue, fear, and discomfort.

IMG_5118We had 15 people step up to the challenge. The winner, ALP Athlete Terry Petersen, was motivated and up for the challenge. She changed her daily routine in order to ride in the mornings to take advantage of the daylight. Two days in row, she did 6 repeats of NCAR (a 1.5mile climb that averages 6% in Boulder, Colorado). She participated in our ALP ride on Saturday and followed the rules of the challenge to a ‘T’. She was creative with her routes, her time allotment (11hrs), and finished with 16’673 ft in 10 hours and 20min. Congratulations Terry! For your efforts, you receive your choice of- A free month of coaching with ALP Cycles Coaching ($225 value), A one hour skills/clinic with your ALP coach of choice ($85 value), ALP Schwag (hats, T-shirt, Pactimo Jersey), or Osmo products.

We now present to you, the Top 5 finishers in our Climbing Challenge.

1. Terry Petersen            10:20 hrs             16’673 ft
2. Abby Mickey                 7:43 hrs             15’282 ft
3. Kathy Hix                   10:41 hrs             14’081 ft
4. Steve Saedi                  9:38 hrs             13’952 ft
5. Marshall Evans            10:03 hrs            13’140 ft
Great job to everyone who participated and pushed themselves outside their own comfort zones. You are now a better bike rider because of it.

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