New Year’s Resolution(s)

By Swiss Miss, TrainingPeaks Certified, and ALP Coach Patricia Schwager 

It is my turn to write a blogpost this week. I had some ideas in my mind about what I could write in this January blogpost. But today’s date; December 31st reminded me that today is the very last day of 2015. Crazy…where did the time go?

If you are a pro-athlete, you should have sat down already (a while ago) and thought about the plus and minus of the 2015 season. You should already have planned and be working on an even better season in 2016. And your coach should be supporting you with all these new goals.

If you aren’t a pro athlete, your situation may be a bit different and perhaps you have not set any goals for 2016. It is never too late so set new goals.

Some people believe in setting “New Year’s Resolution(s)”.  Others think it isn’t a very good idea because you might do it for a few weeks or a month and then you tend to let things go back to the old pattern. I believe it can work, but the trick is to set a goal that is realistic and attainable. Unrealistic goals or trying to change too many things at once makes no sense and, most likely, you won’t reach the goal or stick to any of the resolutions in the end.


Here are a few ideas to a better 2016 and ways to attain them:

-Exercise more/ getting more fit:

This is a great idea! But how do you get there? Find a friend or even better a bunch of friends! Stick to a day and time every week to head out together for a bike-ride, run, hike or whatever your choosen activity is. This is a lot more motivating than exercising alone. Also if you know that your friends will be there and are counting on you to show up then this will be another reason to go and stick to that activity- appointment! Very important: choose an activity (or activities) that you enjoy and will make you happy!

Other things that will make working out regularly easier: sign up for a class in the Gym, find a group ride near you, join a cycling club, etc. again there are so many options out there!

-Variety: keep some variety in your training! Doing different activities keeps you more motivated instead of doing the very same thing all the time.

-Eating healthier/ lose some weight:

Not very easy to change- changing your diet completely might be too much and won’t last very long. Ask someone for advice if you need help. Change the majority of your meals to a healthier version but allow yourself to have dessert and/ or junk food once a week. Balance is key!


ALP Coach Alison Powers created a 12-week advanced rider training plan that takes you through the end of February. Strength training, plyometrics, intervals, quality trainer workouts, endurance rides, and more. Come March, you will be ready to rock and roll.,-strength-2-and-plyo-s-advanced-rider


-Set a goal:

Working out and having a goal on the horizon will give you more motivation! Sign up for a MTB-race, a Gran Fondo, a 10k run, to climb/hike a mountain, etc. the list goes on. Make sure it is a realistic goal that you can achieve with working out regularly.

-Don’t let bad weather stop you:

Is it rainy and cold so you can’t go out there for your ride, run or hike? Buy some better gear/ clothing that will keep you warm and dry. Still looking for an excuse? Have your plan B ready. If conditions for a training session outside are too bad then choose an indoor activity. Go for a swim, work out in the Gym, join a yoga class, do a spinning class etc. there are so many options!

-Commute to work:

This can be tricky but might be a good option for you. It doesn’t need to be every day but maybe ride or walk (if distance is doable) to work twice a week? You can save on gas or money for train/bus tickets, you are working out on the way to/ from work and it is a good way to get ready for work or calm down after a tough day at work.

-Work with a coach:

A good coach will motivate you, give you a structured plan and workouts, will help you to improve and become a better athlete. For many people it is also motivating that someone is watching over your activities and will give you guidance and tips to reach your goal(s).

ALP Cycles Coaching is happy to help you reach your cycling goals!

Here is to a Happy, Healthy New Year!


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