Be a “Really Realistic” Bike Racer

Special blog post by ALP athlete Raquel Miller who works with Coach Alison Powers. April 2013 was my first month of coaching with Alison Powers/ALP Cycles Coaching. Nearly three years later, and she is still my coach, even though I have decided I no longer want to be a bike racer; just a fit person. My last… Continue reading Be a “Really Realistic” Bike Racer

Strength Training, Cyclists and DOMS

By USAC Level 2 and TrainingPeaks Level 1 certified ALP Cycles Coach and Owner Alison Powers   After spending 4.5 hours re-creating our Off Season Strength Program last Saturday, I was sore. My glutes, upper back, and hamstrings all had signs of DOMS. DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) is a common result of physical activity that stresses the… Continue reading Strength Training, Cyclists and DOMS