New Coaches!

ALP Cycles Coaching, founded by Alison Powers and who works along side Shawn Heidgen, announced the hiring of two additional coaches, Jennifer Triplett and Patricia Schwager.


“Shawn and I are really excited to bring on Jennifer and Patricia,” Powers commented. “They both bring unique skill sets that will round out our company and help bring us to our goal of being the best coaching company there is. ”

Triplett, a USA Cycling Level 1 certified coach, brings expertise both on the track and road. Previously a national caliber boxer, Triplett grew tired of getting hit in the head and decided to pound the pedals instead in 2004. Since then she has multiple podiums at elite and master track national championships, Para-cycling worlds team member and world cup finishes under her  belt. RAD-WM 2013 - FLORENZ - STRASSENRENNEN FRAUEN

Schwager, a Swiss native, started racing in 1998 as a junior and moved through European peloton into professional ranks ten years ago. A six time Swiss national champion, Shwager has represented Switzerland at the World Championships twelve times. She has 2 Coaching Diplomas from the Swiss Federal office of Sport as Cycling Coach J&S and Cycling C-Coach J&S.

Cycling: Road World Champ./ TT Women Elite  Cascade leadingthepackbannock

If you have cycling goals for 2015 and beyond, ALP Cycles Coaching can help you achieve them.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of getting on the podium at a local criterium, finishing a stage race in the top third, or winning all three road national disciplines, make no mistake, this is the time of year for goal setting. To reach those goals, a trained and experienced coach can help you minimize time spent on navigating training plans and methodologies and streamline the process.


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